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I have about 30 publications but some of them are, probably, not that interesting for IT people because they are written about Bio-Medical Cybernetics.

Here are a few of exampls of my IT related publications:


Resolving RIA-SOA Conflict: RIA-SOA Collaboration Pattern

- resolves the conflict of granularity requirements between fine-grain RIA interactions and coarse-grain SOA business service interfaces. Defines and proposes the use of RIA-SOA Collaboration Pattern based on intermediary Conciliator component






Logging for SOA

- the article describes how to solve a maintenance problem of information logging in SOA services caused by service reuse in service compositions and processes, i.e., by executions in different contexts (SOAWorld Magazine, July-August, 2008)


SOA Governance: An Enterprise View

- article describe Enterprise view on SOA Governace. It is based on the OASIS SOA Reference Architecture (Public Review Draft) and practical experience of the author. A set of giverning policies for the management, design and run-time of the SOA services is represented.


Service Reuse and Entitlement

- compares traditional "as is" services reuse with an advanced mechanism of service reuse via extension of the message schemas. Both kinds of reuse are observed for utility, entity, and business services. Reuse via extension allows reusing the services in many execution contexts, with a variety of customer audiences having different entitlement to service results (SOA World Magazine, April, 2008).


Case study in SOA: The Next Steps in the Organically Growing SOA.

ZapThik conference: Practical SOA for Financial Services, London UK. 27 September, 2007

- describes steps of transition from the Web Services into SOA Services in the enterprise based on centralized and distributed governance and re-definition of the services based on OASIS SOA Reference Model


Considering the SOA Reference Model

Part 2 - Design Pillars

Part 1 - Business Grounds

- observes SOA RM as a first standard, which position SOA a s a business-centric model for IT. Describes business model decomposition into the business services and processes and outlines SOA design solutions based on pre-known enterprise business mode (SOA&WebServices Journal, November and December, 2006).


Serious about SOA

- a response to the article 'All in good time' about how enterprises approach SOA and what they mean by SOA according to MicroScope Magazine (16 Nov., 2006)


Collecting Financial Market Data with Java 5

- describes new Java 5 features: thread pool executor and its managegement via JMX. Practical application to the data delivery point where a system has a buttleneck (JDJ, October, 2006, Vol. 11, Issue 10)


Versioning for SOA Services

- discusses an issue of SOA Service versioning; promote consolidated single version for a SOA Service versus versioning of separate parts of the SOA Service. Implementation eaxampls include versioning in UDDI and LDAP (SOA&WebServices Journal, July, 2006).


Does a Web Service Make a Service for SOA?

- observation of the role of Web Services in SOA: if they consitute SOA Services or are not enough for such task. Service Level Agreement is proposed as a definition of a SOA Service while a Web Service is just a technological interface with some conveniences for SOA. The topic is discussed from the SOA user/consumer perspectives (SOA&WebServices Journal, May, 2006)


If a Resource Thread Hangs in the Portal

- a solution for controlling request-resource threads that can hang in the resource and freez the user session in the Portal (WebLogic Developers Journal, March, 2006)


A view from the bottom

- my opinion on who is in fault and in charge of the problems in software security ( SC Magazine, Jan 2006 )


Assured Delivery of Audit Data

- Web Services and pure JMS based designs that lead to guaranteed delivery of sensitive data ( WLDJ, Nov-Dec 2005, Vol. 4, Issue 6 )



Entitlement to Data

- solution of one of the most actual application security problem - controlled access to individual database records ( JDJ, Dec 2005, Vol. 10, Issue 12 )



How to Deal with Security Building Application Architecture

- a few words about Security and SW Architecture ( JDJ, Sep 2005, Vol. 10, Issue 9 )



Finding Services with the Novell Trader

- when CORBA was 'HOT' ( Novell AppNotes, Dec. 1997 )